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Men’s Chains

When we think about designing our chains we first consider if it will hold up with the day to day pressure a man will put a chain under. We offer two types of chains and necklaces for men, the first are simple, strong chains that can hold pendants and the other are more decorative designs chains that can be worn on their own. When we select a design we always look for a good quality and strong clasp, strong links that can put up with some give and take and then the overall design of the chain when it’s on a man’s neck.

Chains for pendants can either be a simple link chain, for example a curb link chain is a very good idea to use with a pendant, or you could go for something with a little more design to the links. Really it all depends on your taste and also the pendant, as a plainer pendant can look great on a more decorative chain. If you have a pendant simply measure the distance between each side of the loop to make sure you order the correct width chain, if you have any issues with this just get in touch as we are always happy to help.

A chain to wear on it’s own is perhaps easier to choose as you don’t have to be guided by the size of a pendant, this means the worlds your oyster and you can choose a thick, thin, long, wide or whatever style of chain you want. If you’re unsure of what size chain to choose, simply cut some string to various lengths and try them on to see what length chain you may need, then you can order the right one.