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Tungsten Bracelets

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Men’s Tungsten Bracelets

A modern metal, tungsten is hard wearing, robust and very hard to scratch which makes it the perfect choice to use in men’s bracelets. In fact tungsten is so strong that they have to use Diamonds, the hardest material on earth, to cut it. The metal comes in a soft grey colour as standard but can also be plated to show all types of colour finishes, from black to white. Tungsten also has a bright, polished finish on most pieces of jewellery which gives it a sparkle when you wear it on your wrist and because it is so hard to scratch the finish will last and last.

The Urban Male collection of tungsten bracelets offers unique designs and finishes you won’t find elsewhere and if you haven’t tried a piece of tungsten jewellery before then we suggest you do, it’s our current favourite metal available in jewellery production as it’s properties are just so great.