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Men’s Bangles

Here at Urban Male we offer a stylish and modern range of bangles that have been designed for men in modern metals and materials.

Bangles have been worn by men for many hundreds, if not thousands of years. Historians have proven that bangles were even worn as far back as Ancient Rome, when wealthy men commissioned their own designs made from gold, silver and leather. Torq Bangles are probably the most iconic, and not a lot has changed with regards to their materials and design. The offer a simple, stylish and comfortable design that hasn’t needed to change in jewellery design terms.

Of course we stock the popular, simple classic designs but we have also spent time finding and designing new and exciting bangles, contemporary designs that you wouldn’t of seen elsewhere. We are also always experimenting with materials and metals in all our jewellery designs, using the latest on trend colours, coupled with modern materials such as stainless steel or tungsten.

Even if you didn’t come shopping to find a bangle, we think you should take a look and try wearing one, they’re easy to put on, comfortable to wear and we only sell designs which are hard wearing but still practical for everyday wear and any occasion!

Take a little look at our cutting edge bangles, you can’t really go wrong.